Here's what you need to be a Manager, Coach, or Team Mom
(Anyone who is on a field or in a dugout must have a current NAYS and Background Check)

From the Registration Page, Register as a Volunteer (Manager, Coach, Team Mom)

Every volunteer has to complete a background check annually.(Valid for 1 Calendar Year)
Background checks can be completed at opportunities.averity.com/nlbs 
(Currently $16.00)

Your NAYS certification is an online course that is valid for a year from completion, unless you select a longer term.
It can be found here: nays.org.  When you finish the course it will give you the option of paying for a muli-year certification.  Anyone who wishes to be on the field or in the dugouts (including Team Moms) must complete the coaching course. 

Coaching Youth Sports
Basic Youth Sports Safety & First Aid Training
Coaching Youth Baseball 8 & Under OR Coaching Youth Baseball 9 & Over
(Currently $20.00 for one year)

Once these are completed, a badge will be issued to you by the NLB Board. It is up to the discretion of both the County and the Board of NLB to approve or deny any volunteers. If concerns arise during a season regarding a volunteer, an investigation will be conducted and it will be up to the discretion of the Board if action needs to be taken in regards to a volunteer's status at the field.  If you do not affiliate your NAYS with NLB, please bring your NAYS card with you to show the board that you have completed the course and your expiration date.  

Your manager/coaching card MUST be worn or on you at all times while on the field for practices or games. 
If you do not have it and a board member or county personel ask to see it and you can not produce it, you will be asked to leave the field.  This includes on game days.  Please remember to keep it on you!
(We also have a master list in the Board Room in case it is forgotten for a game.)





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