Board Members  

President:  Kenny
Vice President: Mark
Treasurer:  Shelley 
Secretary: Melissa
Player Agent: Stacy
Additional Members/Division Reps
Adam (4u Rep)
Cory (12u Rep)
Dillon (10u Rep)
Duane (6u Rep)
Noah (D. Boys Rep)
Tim (8u Rep)
If you're interested in becoming a board member or would like more information, please email us @
We would love to have Board Members represented for every division. If you want to see change, become a part of it! Reach out via FB Messenger or via e-mail and come to a meeting. After attending two meetings you can request membership on the NLB Board.  
Notes about Board Meetings:
The public is welcome to all standard board meetings.  Board meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of every month, this includes in-between season months as well.  A meeting may be changed to a different date due to board member's schedules/availability.  If you would like to come to a meeting and would like to verify the date you are welcome to email us at or if the season has started you can stop by the board room to check.
*Next Board Meeting*
- Wednesday, May 8th @ 6:30pm


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